Take a Stand and Your Stand Will Take You

Posted: 02/22/2010 in Uncategorized

A wise leader once wrote tremendous advice to his followers. They were facing extreme trails and persecution. Even simple daily life was full danger. Once they had stood up to the troubles, once they had fought a tough battle, once they had endured hardship, he told them to keep standing. “Having done all to stand, stand.” You have your “big why”, you know what you want. You establish the road map to get there, your goals. You read the books, listen to the CDs, go to the conferences, hire a mentor, and have weekly phone call with a life coach, and then things still blow up. Your sales fall through, your contract is concealed, and you can fill in the blank, you know what you are going through. Life is beautiful, but it can hit you harder two-ton truck with much the same results. I won’t try to make it sound easy; the true is not easy but it is always the true; STAND. You have tried everything, don’t give up, so stand.  Stand tough for you dreams. Stand strong for your family. Stand with your feet firm in who you are, in what you are and in what you want to become.

Today, no matter what hits you, STAND.



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